Your Career Control System

Career Jump’s much acclaimed instructional manual is named: “Your Career Control System”. It is designed to specifically support Job Seekers to:

  • Discover what it is that they can offer to interested employers, and it provides the tools for backing up their claims
  • Identify possible tools that they may use at their task, and become familiar with the application
  • Learn about optional routes to the Job Market, both advertised and non-advertised options
  • Learn the best ways to gain control over future career advancement and career changes

The career manual “Your Career Control System” costs around $150, but for your delegates who attend the Managerial Outplacement Workshop, a free copy of the manual is provided. Extra copies are available at a discounted rate at the company’s Outplacement Service office.

In around 400 A-4 pages, the manual “Your Career Control System” provides full explanations of every step and stage, supported by lots of examples, scenarios, and specimens that will help the readers along the entire process. The manual covers:

  • A personal database full of information
  • An overall campaign strategy
  • Talents-identification
  • Key unique skills analysis
  • Validation statements preparation
  • The identification of what job seekers enjoy doing
  • The perfect functional role
  • Your résumé or CV as your marketing brochure
  • How to creating your CV or résumé
  • Different styles of CV’s or résumés
  • Your presentation of ‘excellence’
  • The written presentation
  • The oral presentation
  • How to use smartphones effectively
  • The use of references
  • How to make a good action plan
  • The job market – an overview
  • How to set up a well-structured marketing campaign
  • Various pathways to the job market
  • How to use the internet
  • How to research companies and the market
  • The advertised employment market
  • How to write an applications to advertised vacancies
  • Let the job seeker stand out in a crowd
  • How to deal with recruitment intermediaries
  • How to make a speculative approach
  • The telephone conversation
  • The non-advertised employment market
  • The job interviews (what to do before, during, and after)
  • Regular interview questions
  • How to dress for a business interview
  • How to evaluate various job offers
  • What about the employment contract
  • How to best negotiate the package
  • How is the current position terminated
  • Want to be self-employed?
  • Are there alternatives to full-time (paid) employment?
  • Do you consider working abroad?
  • Possible future career developments
  • And so on, and on…

Add an extra small fee, your company can offer the employees a copy of our successful job-search manual called ‘Your Career Control System’. This manual is actually complete A-4 guide including all information required for them to gain control over any career situation, be it for now or for their future.

The guide is set up as a ‘self-learning’ system, so delegates can work though it at home while still on the job, and at the pace that suits them best. The fact that your employees attend the workshop will accelerate the entire process considerably.

Many interactive programs are available for a wide range of employees, from low-level administrators and shop floor workers to lower management employees (supervisors), and management positions. In short, for all situations where H.R. budgets or time scale issues are key elements.

Usually, one of Career Jump’s consultants will lead an on-site workshop (or, if you prefer, at some suitable facility as a local hotel). The workshop will be for a full day and can be for up to 10 employees, though in case more delegates need to accommodate, more workshops can be held as well.

  • At these workshops, consultants will focus on those areas that the employees will need to address,
  • Provide hands-on guidance on things like how to prepare a good CV, how to best explore the Job Market, on letter writing, how to best behave at interviews, and so on.
  • Check what else can you do for your company.