The world has become a global village and in this rapidly changing scenario, countries and people are coming together to bond in professional relations. In the modern era of transcendence, the importance of learning and teaching English is monumental and the need for English teachers and trainers whether that is in schools, language institutes, corporate houses, or private tutoring is ascending day by day. So let’s see, what is TESOL/TEFL.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is the universal degree to teach English overseas. This is the mandatory course to get an English teaching job in any destination of your dream where one can teach, earn and travel at the same time.

So whether one is a fresh graduate, an active teacher, an aspiring teacher, corporate personnel looking for a refreshing change in career, or a retired person now eager to begin a second innings in their life by teaching abroad, this is the perfect course for them to spread their wings and fly.

The American TESOL Institute is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The organization started as a small institute but has spread worldwide owing to the highly resourceful team of scholarly experts and their extensive research on developing a methodical and well-oriented way of creating training courses for English as a second or foreign language teaching.

American TESOL Institute’s mission is the standardizing of the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses and criteria for individuals wishing to teach and to raise awareness about teaching abroad for global citizens. Please be aware that studying or working abroad also has its downsides.

The certificate provided by the institute is Notarized by the Government of the USA and is accepted across all embassies in all countries. American TESOL Institute’s vision is innovating and growing with technologies that are changing the paradigm of teaching and learning, and to certify 100,000+ English teachers to work abroad and online by the year 2022.

Career Opportunities

A TEFL/TESOL certification opens up doors to expand your horizon and teach globally. Not just it promises a lucrative career but also assures a highly motivating salary along with added perks and benefits like accommodation and medical insurance from the employers. A contract ranging from a minimum period of 5 months to a maximum period of 11 months is mutually extendable between the teacher and the organization.

A TEFL course is not just an enhancement of your career or starting a new career but also gives you the opportunity to change your life and improve the quality of your living. Places like South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore there is a huge demand for English teachers and subject teachers who are certified globally to teach in English. If you want to learn Spanis online, check out this post.

And jobs are not just restricted to schools but one can explore the various language institutes that pay a handsome salary and give assured development. English being the global official language has made the corporate houses alert and active to recruit English communication trainers to upgrade their workforce to match the international standards and learn English as the global language for commerce and communication.

A TESOL degree is the ideal preparatory course for those teachers who want to travel, earn and teach abroad and it gives you the ticket to be a globetrotter which you always aspired but never found the opportunity to pursue. Take a TEFL degree from American TESOL Institute and be an international teacher.