Jobs that help the world – TESOL Education

TESOL training institutes specialize in the training and certification of those individuals who wish to teach English to speakers of other languages.  The world is such an exciting place right now for TESOL teachers and a certificate is your passport to the world….of teaching English! So let’s look a little better at jobs that help the world – TESOL education.

TESOL certification is a valuable tool for people wanting to travel and/or live overseas and also for people wanting to teach English domestically.

  • Training courses offer fantastic instruction and current, informative materials to give you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals.
  • TESOL certification can be achieved through fabulous in-class courses (with a schedule that is compatible with regular work hours) or by well-guided correspondence.
  • You can earn a TESOL certificate in as few as 5 days in professional, energetic and highly educational courses led by a talented and knowledgeable instructor.

Learn more about the expanding and rewarding world of TESOL, the courses, the materials, and much, much more by exploring the options on this website and read all about how to get inspired to teach, travel, laugh and learn.

Through TESOL certification programs, you will get devoted to learn the skills of language teaching and to achieve your goals of teaching and traveling. Read here more about what it takes to become a TESOL teacher in 2019.

As part of their mission, TESOL teachers generally aim to donate a portion of their time to charities which promote the education of children in developing or war-stricken countries. TESOL teachers inspire people to discover themselves, the world and the peoples within it.

Through TESOL certification programs, people can discover the courage to grow intellectually, culturally, and socially and how to best contribute to the improvement of the lives of others throughout the world.

There are many techniques and methods to teach TESOL applicants their required educational skills and what’s good about following strict guidelines is that it usually works well like it does when teaching children, something you as the TESOL teacher will be doing anyway most probably. You might sit for hours to try it on your own but attending a TESOL certification will surely lead to a higher success rate and the procedure is easy.

Making a Difference

A driving force is the desire to make a difference. As citizens of first-world countries, we are so incredibly lucky and fortunate. Most of us take for granted the multitude of fortunes we live and experience daily. You may also want to learn about what it takes to teach hard of hearing and deaf children as you’ll come across them many a time in war-stricken regions.

International travel can be a startling awakening. It is difficult to shake the shock and sadness upon realizing the diverse standards of living and opportunities found elsewhere in the world. It is also so enlightening to see the strength and desire of the people living in what we would consider horrible situations. Not all of your experiences abroad will be that glamorous and fine, but in general, you’ll be met with hospitality and gratitude.

Here is a compelling travel story:
“While backpacking through India, I met a young girl, dirty and in a tattered dress, on the street begging for money. She explained, in perfect English, the money was to pay for milk for her younger brother. I was taken by her maturity and captivating personality.

We started to chat. I asked her about her language ability. It turned out that she could speak many different languages with a high level of proficiency (English, French, Japanese…). She then told me that she had never spent a single day in school and her dream was to be able to go to school. She had learned all her language skills on the street out of necessity – to be able to communicate with the people she asked for money. I have not forgotten that day or that young girl.”

By training and preparing for an exciting international career accompanied by travel, TESOL teachers also aim to give back to the international community. They aim to be teachers with a heart and to serve as a role model for the fact that everyone can make a difference. Now, you will need to have completed high school or hold a GED and if you don’t, there are great online options to get your GED diploma fast and start working toward a new and rewarding career in the world of TESOL/TEFL.

This is why many TESOL teachers donate so much of their time to help charities that promote the education of children in developing or war-stricken countries. The often donate also to Free the Children and For the Love of Children Society.

Free the Children. This organization has built more than 300 schools and provided over 100,000 school and health kits in countries such as Sudan, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Haiti, India, Guatemala, etc.

For the Love of Children Society. This society has a program to provide educational supplies, equipment and school fees for underprivileged children in countries such as Mexico, Peru, India, Nepal, etc. “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”