TESOL Certificate Course graduates comments

Here are a few comments from  S.I.T. TESOL Certificate Course graduates:

“Overall SpainTESOL was a quality course. I am very happy with what I got out of the whole process. I will recommend it highly to everyone who is interested in teaching English.”
Anne Samples, April 2014 course

“The attention of the trainers was amazing. Dave is a natural. He has an easy, agreeable nature with students and is a fun, effective teacher. Isabel was great and is such a hard worker.”
Tanya Figueroa, April 2012 course

“I highly recommend this  TESOL Course  I did a LOT of research on the different courses before signing up with them. The place is very professional, well organized and also lively. The actual course is intense but you get real-life experience teaching actual students and the trainers did a great job of preparing us for that. The job help after (and during) the course was above and beyond my expectations.” Leigh James.

“It was thoroughly enjoyable. I learned a lot in a very positive, supportive environment. The prospect of teaching real students made everyone anxious at first but immediately we all enjoyed it. This is because of the way the SIT course is designed, which I think is extremely smart.

The fact that you are in a different country immerses you in the total teaching/learning experience, i.e. you can empathize with your students when they are speaking a 2nd language. Not to mention that Barcelona is a fantastic city with lots to do, lots to see and all of the modern amenities. Beautiful city and the people are great. The staff is also great and supportive.

Their facilities are very nice and conducive to learning. In terms of housing, they help you find a place to stay for a reasonable price. I think the value of the course is also very good.” Laura Ide, July

“The training course is an extremely thorough preparation for teaching EFL to students of all levels. It capitalizes on the individual strengths of each teacher and encourages teachers to utilize their creative skills in devising lesson plans. Thanks to the course and the job guidance I was provided.” Erin Byrne

“The reflective essays were a really important part of the course. The people/peers were wonderful. I feel really confident about applying what I’ve learned.” Benjamin Crabtree, October 2011 graduate.

My experience with this TESOL course was very rewarding and beneficial. A large amount of learning took place in the four-week course. I have gained confidence and feel prepared to teach ESOL. Many great relationships were also formed and now I know what they are doing. One of the things from the course I found most useful was the job guidance.

This course is very organized and thorough in providing information on finding a job in other countries. I was able to find a job immediately after finishing the course.” Jacquie Demuth.

Comments from others:

From trainer and faculty member, Connie Tumavicus, “This TESOL Certificate course goes beyond the “how-to” of teaching. Through experience, feedback and reflection, participants enter into a personal discovery of who they are, and who they can be, as teachers. Each time I train, I see participants’ eyes light up as they begin to understand the possibilities of learning and growth open to them.”