Job Guidance for TESOL Students

At the TESOL Program, you will receive individual job guidance, tailored to your needs. This includes:

•detailed information about the job market in the country or countries of interest to you, with specifics about the city you want to work in.

•assistance in developing a TESOL resume that works.

•guidance on how to interview.

•referral and introduction to schools.

•instruction on how to obtain and maintain private students.

•miscellaneous information, e.g., about housing and the expatriate scene.

Since we are in Europe, we know the job market here, particularly in Spain. We have contacts with about 100 language schools in the Barcelona area alone, about 100 in Madrid and hundreds more throughout Spain.

We also have contacts with hundreds of language schools throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Therefore, regardless of where a graduate wants to teach, we can help. Our graduates who have remained in Spain began work soon after completing the course.

One of the reasons it is important to get an accredited TESOL certificate is that along with the growing demand for teachers there is increasing competition. During the SpainTESOL Program ’s S.I.T. TESOL course participants are taught the skills and given the job guidance needed to stand out among the competition.

Moreover, we continue to work with graduates as needed after the course. When a graduate is ready to move on to another location he or she contacts the SpainTESOL Program for guidance about the next TESOL destination.

Adapting to life abroad is another area where you will not be on your own. Course participants are provided with detailed information and resources for expatriates.

Therefore, our graduates know how much to expect to pay in rent, where to find reasonably priced places to live, which banks will easily allow foreigners to open accounts, where to buy reasonably priced health insurance, how to use the local transportation systems and so on.

In addition to the services provided at the SpainTESOL Program, as an S.I.T. TESOL Certificate holder, you will have access to information about ESOL teaching positions worldwide through S.I.T.’s Professional Development Resource Center. To facilitate networking, S.I.T. maintains a listserv that connects graduates of all S.I.T. courses.