Bitter Sweet Things that You will Experience While Studying Abroad

Going to school abroad is a dream, which has advantages such as:

1. New experiences.
With the college means going abroad to find a new atmosphere that will automatically get new experiences that are not found in the country. Increasing number of overseas experience then that person would understand the outside world.
2. Having friends from foreign countries
Have a friend from overseas will increase and add connections that will be very useful as supporting a career, especially if planning to live and work abroad. In addition to other benefits that can be obtained is to exchange information and experiences.
3. Education abroad (especially in developed countries) is more advanced education
Usually the level of overseas education supported by advanced technology, especially in countries that have been advanced. In addition, overseas universities (developed countries) ranking higher and more recognized and accredited status. Can also do a comparative study between education at home and abroad.
4. Make it easy to find a job in the country
After graduating from universities abroad and wanting a career in the country, the certificate obtained from abroad will make it easier to find a job because it is usually considered to have a higher prestigious.

Although there are advantages or like in study abroad, but keep in mind there are some things that may be undesirable (grief) as:

The grief of parting with the family – Perhaps for the first time, it will feel harder to show fear because to imagine themselves living in foreign countries. With college abroad would have to part with the family and will cause a sense of homesick. But still, with today’s technological advances the solution was easy. Simply by using facilities such as email, phone and networking communities like Facebook, Friendster or Twitter, a sense of missed it can heal. If you want face to face, simply use web camera facilities. Not hard right?

Culture shock – you might not be familiar with customs and rules in the new country. Some people are depressed too.