Bittersweet Things that You will Experience While Studying Abroad

Studying in a foreign country can be a fantastic experience. New people, new cultures, new languages, new friends. Most students will enjoy a great time abroad but for quite a few students, there will also be some bittersweet things that you will experience while studying abroad.

First, let’s look at some definitely positive elements of going abroad. Going to school overseas is a dream for many students, which has advantages such as:

1. New experiences.
When attending a college in a foreign country, you’ll be going abroad to find a new atmosphere that will automatically get new experiences that are not found in your own country. Increasing numbers of students experience what it means to understand the outside world.
2. Having friends from foreign countries
Having a friend from overseas will increase and add connections that will be very useful as supporting your career, especially if you’re planning to live and work abroad. In addition, there will be more benefits such as exchanging information and sharing experiences.
3. Education abroad (especially in developed countries) in more advanced education
Usually, the level of overseas education is good and supported by innovative technology, especially in countries that are well-advanced. In addition, overseas universities in developed countries are ranking higher, are well-recognized, and have accredited status. You can also do comparative studies and complete degrees at home and abroad.
4. Make it easy to find a job in the country
After graduating from a university abroad and if you want to start a career in that country, the credential obtained from that school will make it easier to find a rewarding job because the credential is usually considered to be prestigious.

Although there are definitely advantages and great experiences related to studying abroad, please keep in mind there are some things that may be undesirable such as:

The grief of parting with your family – Perhaps for the first time, it will feel harder to show fear or anxiety for students living in a foreign country. If you want to attend a college abroad, you need to be ready to part from your family and this may cause a sense of feeling homesick. But still, with today’s technological advances, the solution may be easy. By using contemporary technology and devices you can always stay in touch. You can use your smartphone for email and use Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you want to stay in touch with your loved ones. Not hard right?

Culture shock – This may be a bit tricky. You may not be familiar with all the different customs and rules in your new country and it happens quite frequently that students get a sense of feeling depressed at times.