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Now I am a native English speaker, will that do to become a teacher of English as a foreign language? Well, that’s not how it works. To teach English as a second or foreign language (TESOL), you must have developed skills that reach much further than only mastering the English language and English grammar. You must also take a number of factors into consideration before you’ll start out on the path to becoming a teacher in the English language. Think of these crucial aspects:
– Where would you like to teach?
– What will be your level of teaching?
– What do you need to do to qualify?

TESOL can assist and guide you through what may be a daunting process towards a highly rewarding career as a teacher of the English language.

Boost your career

Regardless whether you’re new to this professional field or an experienced professional, TESOL is the best organization to help you lift your career to the next professional level. TESOL will help you with finding financial support, can teach you how to best get published, or locate the best information on publishing with the TESOL organization or how to present an engaging TESOL event.

TESOL is offering a steadily growing number of web-based courses and workshops, and organizes numerous virtual seminars to assist busy TESOL teachers to improve core competencies, to develop their leadership skills, and make sure these professionals are staying abreast of recent developments in the compelling but dynamic field of teaching English as a second or foreign language. If you want to learn more about TESOL online courses and virtual seminars, contact the TESOL Professional Learning department.

TESOL online courses

Facilitated courses

Facilitated courses offer an online classroom setting with peer-to-peer interaction and feedback by instructors. Additionally, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for all of the facilitated courses. There are, of course, registration deadlines, and the offered CEUs are found on the webpage of each course. To give you some examples of the offered courses:
Grammar 1. Phrasal Structures; Separating Difference from Disability with Students Learning English as an Additional Language; Grammar 2. Multiclause Structures; TESOL: Training of Trainers; and ESL for Secondary Math Teachers.

Self-study online courses

Self-study online courses are offering you an exciting, individualized, self-paced learning experience. Registration is done online and can be done at a time that suits your schedule best. To give you a few Self-study course examples: Fundamentals of TESOL; Teaching & Assessing Adult Learners; and Teaching & Assessing Young Learners.

TESOL virtual seminars

A TESOL virtual seminar is a 90- to 120-minute webcast that focuses on main issues concerning ESL and EFL teaching. These online seminars are easy to follow from your office or home, and they come as live events or playback features that you can follow when your schedule lets you. You also have the option to extend peer-to-peer studying if you bring more ELT teachers together in your seminar room or school at no extra cost as the registration is per location, not per person. Read more about the Spanish TESOL market here.