Studying abroad has numerous benefits, the major among being international exposure. The wider you travel and more the number of cultures that you are exposed to, greater will be your experience and skills. Owing to this and many other benefits, a lot of students wish to study abroad. Student exchange programs provide a huge boost to students to visit other countries and exchange knowledge and skills. But, of course, you will also face some downturns but more about that later.

However, despite the desire, not all of them make it. One of the major reasons is lack of sufficient funds. While studying in a foreign country has its benefits, the costs involved can run into thousands of dollars, especially if you choose a university in the United Kingdom or European Union. If you face the financial crunch, you can use study abroad scholarships for college to fulfill your wish. Given below are some of the scholarships which you can use.

Council of American Overseas Research Centers Scholarship

This scholarship is offered under Critical Language Scholarship Program and is sponsored by US Government. Students who wish to study foreign languages can choose this scholarship program. It is open for doctorate, masters and undergraduate students. The best thing about this aid is that offers full funds. All costs including travel to the foreign destination and back, visa fees, boarding, travel within the foreign destination and all other costs involved are covered. It is an annual scholarship program. If you want to study in London, read this post.

CIEE Scholarships

CIEE offers a wide range of scholarships under different programs to applicants of CIEE Study Center. For abroad studies, GAIN Scholarships offered by CIEE are very popular. GAIN, which stands for Global Access Initiative, provides financial aids for students from diverse backgrounds and regions. Scholarships are provided under two realms – GAIN Scholarships and GAIN Rewards.

In all, CIEE offers $1 million in scholarships and grants. These apply to full study programs, summer study programs, and semester programs in foreign countries. Selection is made on the basis of an essay written on the student’s experiences on the barriers that he or she had to or will have to overcome in the foreign country and what they will do encourage other students based on their experience.

GAIN scholarships are for students who are from weak economic backgrounds, irrespective of the race and nationality. Students with disabilities are also eligible for this scholarship. Scholarship amount ranges between $1,000 and $5,000 and is decided based on financial need and duration of the study.

The GAIN reward is provided for students who have been selected for the Benjamin A. Gilman and David L. Boren Scholarship Programs. Any student who is selected for this scholarship can apply for the GAIN reward but should be in need of more than $1,000, apart from the scholarship, to pursue an education in a foreign country. $1,000 to $4,000 is awarded based on financial need and duration of the study.

Apart from these scholarships, CIEE also provides other scholarships and grants under its Ping Foundation. This foundation was started to honor the services provided by Dr. Charles Ping to

CIEE. Dr. Ping was the chairman of CIEE for the decade from 1993 to 2004. For students who wish to study abroad, Ping Foundation offers Michael Stohl Scholarship, Kathleen McDermott Scholarship, John E. Bowman Travel Grants, Robert B. Bailey Scholarship, CIEE-International Study Program Scholarships, Peter Wollitzer Scholarship for study in Asia and Jennifer Ritzmann Scholarship for Studies in Tropical Biology.

Global Studies Grant

Global Studies Grant is provided to encourage students to study foreign languages and other courses in foreign locations. It is provided to students who are currently admitted into a course in an abroad location. The recipients of this scholarship program are required to share their knowledge and experience of foreign study with students in the United States. Scholarships are preferably provided to students who choose to study in countries which are strategically important.

Apart from these scholarships, other aids such as Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarships, John T. Petters Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grant, Rotary Club Ambassadorial Scholarships and SIT Study Abroad – Pell Match Scholarship Program are also extremely helpful in pursuing studies in foreign countries. Minority scholarships and special scholarships for women are also available. Gates Millennium Scholarships sponsors foreign study for women students. With so many funds, grants and scholarships available, more and more students can fulfill their wish to study abroad and enrich their knowledge base as well as skill set. See also this page about the TESOL market in Spain.